In-App Mobile Advertising Solutions

The very fact that the Indian consumers are more receptive to mobile Advertisements as compared to their global peers coupled with the fact that India has emerged as a largest Mobile Advertising Market in APAC region has given a lot of impetuous to In-App mobile Advertising. Advertisers have realized that mobile advertising campaigns present them with the best way to engage with the end consumers directly in a focused manner and the ROI’s of Mobile Advertising campaigns are way too higher as compared to the traditional advertising channels. Realizing the fact that all these factors call for a scalable, reliable and a robust In-App Mobile Advertising platform, Telecanor ventured into the area of creating white labeled In-App advertising platforms almost two years back. Today our In-App Mobile Advertisement solution offer optimal results to our partners who intend to monetize their mobile Applications by incorporating third party mobile advertisements into their Apps. Telecanor has created a unique Advertisement rendering solution which can render in-App advertisements with any mobile application without accessing or altering the Application’s executable files. The In-App Advertising Solution is complemented with a web based reporting module which can reflect the details of the advertisement consumption pattern in complete detail. To complete the offering we also source the advertisers and facilitate Mob-App Monetization in its true sense