TeleCanor –"Easy", "Secure" & "Versatile"

To ensure that we win the trust of everyone in the value chain, including customers, Banks merchants (Offline and Online) we realized that TeleCanor had to be
SECURE – against frauds and thefts.
EASY – to use
VERSATILE – to work on SMS and Voice.

The promise of Security, Ease and Versatility that we are making for TeleCanor is not just a promise, but our business processes imbibe them. For us what matters more is that customers come back and use our gateway again and again because of these three facets of our brand. We would make sure that customers never fail any problems and their shopping experience is really secure and simple because of our service. Go on and read about each of the facet by clicking on it and see for yourself how we intend to fulfill our promises.
Now making payments would be just as simple as The best part is that unlike other payment gateways, TeleCanor works on all models of Mobile and Landline. From Nokia 1100 to the latest Blackberry storm to the I Phone, all handsets are capable of using TeleCanor as all that is required is to make a call / receive a call. For SMS based usage the customer needs to have GPRS connectivity.

The versatility of this payment gateway is its capacity to work on all
possible Payment Touch Points like POS, Internet Portals, IVR, Call
Centers and SMS. Once TeleCanor has acquired a merchant for using
TeleCanor as a payment gateway any customer using TeleCanor can easily
shop with that merchant using any of the touch points activated by that