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Our Range of Products & Services

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway, Merchant Accounts and Online Credit Card Processing Services...

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Telecom Solutions

  • Interactive Voice Response
  • OnBoard Diagnostics
  • Value-added Services

Banking Solutions

You can use TeleCanor to make payments by making a call from your mobile...

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ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions from TeleCanor, Impact’s scope extends in being modular, flexible,...

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Clinical Solutions

Clinical management solutions that help hospitals and healthcare authorities reduce...

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Consulting Solutions

Creating effective consulting solutions and is revolutionizing Human Resource practices...

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Mobile Solutions

Our Mobile Solutions Extensive in-house expertise in designing, developing and implementation....

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News & Events
12/28/17 13:04
TeleCanor has entered into a contract with Traffic-Guru for providing technology support on an annual basis
08/11/18 13:04
TeleCanor is now the technology partner of

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This tool is an offering for the Telecom Operators
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TeleCanor Keen Bank is a Core Banking Software.
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There are many IVR’s present today in the market.TeleCanor is a class apart from all of them
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Telecanor has acquired extensive in-house expertise in designing, developing and implementation of a wide array of solutions on mobile platforms.
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