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    TeleCanor translates to

              Yes, for over 2 decades now, TeleCanor has been at the cutting edge of technology at ever time, starting with Web Stress Tools, Interactive Voice Response systems to Indian Railways, IVR/OBD Servers for Telecom majors , Value Added Service servers, Payment Gateway systems as whitelisted products to ICICI & Core Banking Systems and Mobile Apps, has built them all.

    Now TeleCanor has refurbished itself to accept the challenge of the latest technology, the Blockchain. TeleCanor has commissioned for the first time in India, a Blockchain platform, offering cloud based Blockchain-as-a-Service.

    It has signed up international clients for its BaaS offerings. Besides, it’s, Cryptocurrency consulting, FinTech, Crypto Exchange platform, STO marketing tools and Blockchain consulting both with in the spectrum of Ethereum and Hyperledger Technologies have been well received by enterprises.

    Payment Gateway, Merchant Accounts and Online Credit Card Processing Services…

    Interactive Voice Response On Board Diagnostics Value-added Services

    You can use TeleCanor to make payments by making a call from your mobile…

    ERP Solutions from TeleCanor, Impact’s scope extends in being modular, flexible …

    Creating effective consulting
    solutions and is revolutionizing Human Resource practices…