Keen Bank

TeleCanor Keen Bank is a Core Banking Software. Core Banking systems are the heart of modern banking, and at the same time they give the advantage and protect investments in dynamic and competitive banking market. TeleCanor's Core Banking Solution is a product that will not only put you in front of your competitors, but because of its expandability and flexibility, it will help you stay on top. It consists of integrated banking applications for retail and corporate banking. Our Core Banking was designed to support banks in extremely dynamic environment of emerging markets, therefore it’s flexibility to adapt to constant market and legislation changes is one of its most important advantages. The integrated Product Factory functionality is what makes it unique product on the market. This functionality is a standard feature of all modules. Accelerating business by producing the new banking products and services, defining or changing process flow, without changing the application, is recognized by our customers as one of the most valuable functionality.

Unique Features of Keen Bank :

These and many more such features add up to Keen Bank making it an ideal choice for Banks.

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