TeleCanor Blockchain.Service

Get your business a readymade Blockchain network which is reliable and ready to deploy with just a few mouse clicks

* Blockchain in a just a few clicks

• Blockchain in a just a few clicks No need to understand the complex protocols and spend fortunes in understanding setup of blockchain. Go with tBaaS and you are ready to start your blockchain with in no time. There are three options available for blockchain protocol, Ethereum, hyperledger and R3-Corda. You can choose to deploy your blockchain on an AWS or on IBM cloud or your own servers. All your choices are easily configurable. All the nodes, their runtime activity logs are available on tBaaS dashboard. Various methods on the smartcontract are translated into API calls which you can effortlessly invoke from your application without having to write your own Service layer to access the blockchain. TeleCanor provides a complete set of API for administrators, network operators and developers. The administrative endpoints provide full lifecycle operations around platform resources. Each participating organization can use the API to fully automate the DevOps pipeline. Most of the resources are scoped to the organization that the logged in user is associated with.

Network Governance

A robust, easy-to-use interface to manage everything about your blockchain networks and environments.

  • Member Onboarding

Onboarding and scaling are built-in and instantaneous with automated tools and workflows.

  • Flexible Ownership

Nodes, data and key materials are managed individually by each member.  Scale the network with ease using distributed network ownership or single proxy operator.

  • Address Book

Manage your networks and memberships, users, environments, and more.

  • Smart Contract Management

Governance, workflow, versioning, security and firewall protection built in.

Insights & Monitoring

Real-time blockchain monitoring, analytics, and alerts for visibility and simplified management of blockchain solutions.

Data Explorer

Includes native smart contract management, Block Explorer, and Token Explorer.

Health Monitoring

Includes system and node monitoring tools, visualization, and analytics.

Key Management

Integrated key management with multiple options to ensure your keys stay safe and secure.

Managed Wallets

Allows the generation and management of individual ethereum accounts that can be used for signing transactions by other linked Kaleido services.

Remote Signers

Sign transactions using off-platform keys, while benefiting from a fully-managed signing experience including nonce management and REST APIs.