Customized Mobile Commerce Applications

Telecanor is a pioneer in development of native / WAP based white labeled Mobile Commerce applications on the below mentioned operating systems. * J2ME * Windows OS * Blackberry OS * Android * Symbian * iOS (Iphone and ipad) These applications shall be connected to the banks / pre-paid card companies through a dynamic and a versatile Telecanor Mcommerce Middleware platform and shall facilitate acceptance of credit / debit / pre-paid card payments on a real-time basis. The fact that Telecanor’s Mcommerce platform has completed PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) and PABP (Payment Application Best Practices) certifications further augments the security of our Mcommerce platforms. Telecanor’s white labeled Mcommerce applications can be integrated with the below mentioned bank / pre-paid card company payment gateways: * ICICI Bank (Pay seal) * HDFC Bank * HSBC (Global Payments) * Bill Desk Payment Gateway * E-Billing Solution Payment Gateway Times of Money payment Gateway Done Cards ITZ Cash Cards Telecanor’s white Labeled Mcommerce Applications will be integrated with a real-time web based transaction reporting module which can reflect all the details of every transaction in complete detail. The very fact that Mcommerce Applications can accept payments from the end customers through the Merchant ID (issued by the bank or pre-paid card company) of our partner companies ensure that the funds flow directly into our partner company’s account.